Sunday, May 31, 2009

Win an Original Watercolor

Link my blog or post my button on your blog for a chance to
win the original painting...
(don't forget to let me know via comments)
I would love to try to paint  this~~ what do you think?
 Please visit Kenna's Etsy shop and leave a comment on which photo you would like me to attempt ... I will paint it and post the watercolor  next week~~ I'm excited... 
You will be in the driver seat, and determine my next creation!! 



*shanti yani* said...

dear laura,
the color of that flower just like made from watercolor. I can't hardly wait to see it in watercolor version. Ow yea, I've post your button in my blog. (well, it can be a shortcut to learn more about watercolor technique from you)
best regards,

piccoladonna2006 said...

Hi Laura, beautiful creation (like always!)
There is a blog award awaiting for you :)

Lorna said...

Dear Laura, yes, I did put you on my blogroll because I love watercolors and I like this blog. I went to the Ersy site and looked long and hard at all of those pictures. There is one that I kept returning to because it speaks to me. It is:

Title: Enchanted Entrance
Size: 5"w x 7"h (12.7cm x 17.8cm)

~Lorna/ Southern California woman

Chris said...

Consider you linked! :)

Lovely, lovely flower. Wow.

Laura K. Aiken - Mosaics said...

Laura what a cool idea! I can't wait to have been linked.....that was a great idea too!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Laura~

I would love to win one of your works of art! My fav is the nasturtium that you showed in this post. Amazing colors!
Thanks! Karrita

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Laura! Come visit me...I left a gift on my blog for you. I hope it brings a smile to your face!
~ Karrita

Savvy Mode SG said...

you are so on my blogroll... : )

Bags and Buds said...

I like Tranquility.
But, I'm sure you would do any of them wonderfully.

Florida Sue said...

This is one of my favorite flowers, and it sure is my color. I love it.

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Oh oh oh! I can't WAIT to see which one of my photos you paint-- this is SO exciting for me! Thank you again for honoring my work with your talent.

And *thank YOU,* Laura's lovely readers, for your kind words about my photography! Your compliments mean more than you know.

Studio618 said...

Love the intense color on the photo. Can't wait to see your watercolor interpretation of it.

cowango said...

Hi Laura,

I like your work very much. Great colors and a light, loose feel. How about a reciprocal link? I'm also a watercolorist and started a blog in January. Check out mine, Accidental Truths, at


FrumsGlass said...

Beautiful photography at Kenna's Etsy Shop. I love the blue peacock and also For Mother - signed. Love the colors in both. Either would look lovely with another of yours I plan to hang on my wall.


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