Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Holiday

I love the Caribbean. As you can see in my work, the palm trees, ocean, and landscapes are present throughout my watercolors. I wish Palm trees could survive in Virginia. There is something so graceful about the way they blow in the wind!!
Where would you like to go on a winter holiday?


karen said...

Laura, Climbed out from underneath my rock and for my winter holiday, am visiting S. TX. Beautiful palm trees! As always, your work is incredible. Am enjoying catching up on your blog. -kaholly

Laura Trevey said...

glad to hear from you karen!!

Maya said...

I love palm trees..., and have never been further south than the Bahamas..., so I hope a Caribbean vacation (during the winter) will be in my future. Gorgeous painting!!

laura said...

I love palm trees, and paintings of palm trees, of which this is an excellent example.
I will be going to the Virgin Islands in a few weeks for a 50th birthday sailing trip: a dream come true! Hope to paint palm trees too!

RHCarpenter said...

For me, anywhere far south enough in the US to have live oaks and Spanish Moss makes me happy - the fact that those places usually have wonderful beaches where you can walk and smell the ocean air does it for me. Love this painting - so beautiful and free :) Happy Holidays, however you spend your time!

Leah said...

Oh Laura, then you will also love it in the Tropics. I am from the Philippines.


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