Sunday, February 28, 2010

Work Space

What does your artist studio/work space look like? Since I am in the process of designing my own art studio, I would love to see your work space for inspiration! Please send your images to to be featured... I can't wait to see!


Leah said...

My workspace... it there is a place that "cannot be seen", it's mine. It's a mess. Hahaha!

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Hi Laura!~
Your work space is lovely! So tidy and neat with amazing colors! Being a ceramicist, mine is not as tidy.. I have some pics up on my Flickr' page. Stop by and tell me what you think!

Lovely Home said...

Hello ((:
My place of work, you can see the post titled √Čric-Emmanuel Schmitt - Oscar and Mrs. Rose Because the fact that it's not to have children, but you still have time to educate them. I invite
Yours cordially ((:

laura said...

How nice and neat--very appealing space! My workspace is an unholy mess ... I need 1) a much bigger table and 2) drywall around the "new" windows we installed last winter!

Kristina said...

unfortunately I don't have one yet....still working out of my basement!

AB HOME Interiors said...

Oh this is quite lovely. And inspiring. The light is just wonderful


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