Saturday, May 15, 2010

Line and Shape

In this workshop we concentrated on line being independent of shape. First we lightly sketched out our subject on the paper. Then we would collage random shapes with different materials from paper bags to washi papers. This builds the surface with wonderful textures.
Sketch process
While still wet, we dropped watercolor shapes over the colleged shapes. Anything goes! We experimented with spattering and adding more lines into the wet surfaces.
Collage process
When the surface dried, we added pen and ink
to develop the focus further.
Colors of the Caribbean
Original watercolor painting, 11" by 15"


RHCarpenter said...

This has the feeling of a landscape that is windswept! Very nice - and I loved the way you finished your container garden. That cruciform shape really ties it all together in that one. Looking forward to more things you did in the workshop.

Nancy from OHIO said...

Just saw that you were featured on Southern Hospitality... I have been aware of Rhoda for a long while. I was very proud to tell her that your original artwork is in my house! I am so proud that artists like you are featured on blogs! Keep up the Fantastic work that you do! I am very proud of you! Nancy from OHIO

Kellie Collis said...

Amazing work. Stunning details. GOrgeous colour x

jennydraws said...

i luv that you are adding texture to this. Awesome.


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