Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Field of Dreams ~ New watercolor painting

View in my Etsy shop ~ Watercolors by Laura Trevey


Erin said...

*sigh* So beautiful! The colors are fantastic!

DesignTies said...

Beautiful!! Love all the colours and how they sort of meld into each other.


Sandra said...

The colours are pure, vibrant and uplifting - A real delight to look at! :0)

ProjectHope7 said...

You have such a gift Laura...thank you for blessing us all through sharing it! Your work not only addresses color in an amazing way, but stirs our hearts in a variety of uplifting ways.
I have added both your links to my new blog that is in process. Hope it will bring you added clientele as it grows! Your work is on my wishlist!

cathy B
pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com
@projecthope7 twitter


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