Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Tour

I wanted to share this home tour (posted yesterday on Bright Bold and Beautiful) I am so excited to invite you into the home of Lee & Melinda Henry. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Melinda, because she is one of my best supporters of my watercolor art, as you can see in these beautiful interiors.
home tour
My Caribbean Time print is on the left in this gorgeous sunroom. The cobalt blue and bright yellow color combination is one of my favorites!
home tour3
Their daughter, Laurie, sent me these photos and had a little to say about her parents. "They love St. Lucia and we take a Caribbean cruise every year and add a little more to the collection. The shelf above your little painting has items from my travels in college that I've given them, mostly from Morocco, Italy and China. Everything seems to have a story in there. I love going home. They are pretty amazing people all around."
Home Tour

Lee owns a furniture store (hence the beautiful furniture!) and Melinda used to be a teacher for seventeen years and a gift shop owner/freelance interior designer (without a degree, she just has a knack for it). They live in small town Selmer, Tennessee which is about 90 miles east of Memphis. The landscape original watercolor in this photo was the first piece of art Melinda purchased from me, I believe. See how her stunning frame really shows off the painting? Framing your art can be just as important as the art itself. This beautiful nook looks like a design house on display!
home tour6
I'm always a fan of the classic blue and white china seen throughout. Another one of my watercolor prints, Mystic River, is seen above this beautiful table display.
home tour4

home tour5
The last photos show their custom home painting that I painted for them for Christmas this year. You can see from these photos how to frame the paintings in a pleasing way that shows off the work. Perfection!
home tour8

home tour7
I am so grateful for wonderful clients such as Melinda, and thank you Laurie for sharing these stunning images of your parents bright bold and beautiful home.
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California Girl said...

What fabulous home decorating and really bold. The yellow is incredibly bright. This is a great showcase for your beautiful work, Laura.

Krystal said...

It is so cheerful!


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