Friday, September 9, 2011

House Portraits by Laura Trevey

I have a couple of tips for painting custom house portraits. Below is a step by step list for you to follow. This order of painting always helps me achieve a fresh end result. You never want the painting to look overworked.
1. Sketch out the house to get your dimensions and perspective.
2. Start with the foliage and trees. You will be surprised how much of the house is covered by the landscaping.
3. Add the blue sky.
4. Finally you are left with the house, which is nicely framed by the natural part of the painting.
5. I try to capture the shadows and paint them 1st on the home.
6. Paint the shutters and roof, and finally you are left with the color of the home.
7. If the home is white, you only need to add a couple of light cast shadow colors, and always leave a couple of spots with the white paper to give it a pop!
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