Sunday, October 16, 2011

smART business ebook available now!

My smART business ebook is now available for purchase! A 54 page easy to read guide filled with practical tips and "how-to" photos on every page.
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I believe we can all Profit from our Passion. This ebook is about the choices I have made as an artist. My hope is that you will learn a little something from my experiences and be able to apply them to your own art or craft business. Most of all, I want to inspire you to continue doing what you love! See below for a sneak peek into smART business to give you an idea of what to expect.
You can use this guide as a reference for your daily routine.

social media ebook pages
Featuring ~ Building Your Brand, Finding Your Niche
Don't Undersell Your Vision, Online Shop and Blog Tips
Time Management, Social Media Tips
Art/Craft Show Checklist, Stay Inspired and a Resource List with links.

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If $9.95 is not in your budget, you can adjust the price once you click the button. Really!

smART business sneak peek
re ways to follow BB&B

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