Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gerald Brommer Watercolor Workshop

This week has definitely started on a bright note! Gerald Brommer, the Juror for the 31st Annual VWS Exhibition at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center is giving a fabulous workshop on line, shape, and collage. We are learning so many fascinating techniques to create interest in our paintings.
the collage process
Today we experimented with Washi. There are so many kinds with all different colors and textures to choose from. First we tore the washi into several pieces, and then stained the pieces with watercolor. After they dried, we brushed the pieces on our watercolor paper with matte medium. The washi pieces create a lovely dimension to your painting. Here is a sneak peek... finished paintings to follow, so stay tuned.
the beginning stage

the creative process


RHCarpenter said...

Very nice effect! I'll be waiting for more reports from the workshop and more paintings to come :)

California Girl said...

Ok, now I see. You took a cool class. Lovely.

Boy has Richmond changed since we lived there in the 80's. I hit your link to the Glen Allen Cultural ARts Ctr. That is new and looks fantastic! Richmond was just on the cusp of change when we lived there. It was happening slowly. Drove my husband nuts. We left alot of weekends to go somewhere more exciting. Sounds like you have much to do 20 years later and that is wonderful because parts of the city and the countryside are so beautiful. I miss it sometimes; the architecture, the flowers, the grandness of it all. One of my dearest friends lives there and I used to get down to see her every year but I bet it's been at least 6 or 7 yrs since we've been together now.

jennydraws said...

How exciting, I am excited for you to learn new techniques. Please keep posting them thank you

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Looks gorgeous! What a cool technique.


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