Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back to Nature

I am so excited about the warmer weather coming, and being able to get back into the garden!! It is the best therapy for any winter blues!! It's hard to believe that we had 9 inches of snow last week, and today it will reach 80 degrees~~ Daffodils are trying to pop out, new buds on the trees, and soon we will see the graceful butterflies dancing about the bright blooms~~

Butterfly Card Set

This photograph is my favorite, because I have ALWAYS loved butterflies!! They are so graceful as they fly from flower to flower~~ Check out KaHollys's blog ( and Etsy shop ~ ~for gorgeous photos and notecards.

They state, "KaHolly's is a joint effort by two sisters, Karen and Hollis. When we were growing up, our mom used to address Holly by first starting to say Karen's name, thus "K-Holly", (because she's the little sister). It still happens today because Karen's daughter's name is Kirsten".

Willa Necklace - Gold Filled and Emerald

I love the design of this gorgeous necklace!! The pebblecollection Etsy shop is an offering of handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by the little girl in each of us who once picked wildflowers and collected pretty stones and shells because they made her feel special. Well, she is all grown up and the stones are now faceted and the shells cut and polished but that feeling remains the same. You may also view more on

Old Fashioned Ribbon Bookmark - Beautiful pressed flower and leaf handmade paper

This "back to nature" bookmark makes me want to get my book and find a cozy spot outside to read... you may find these wonderful bookmarks at Deb's Etsy shop She states, "A.W.E. describes perfectly how I feel about my work; artistic, earthy items with a worldly flair and an environmental lean". See more at


KaHolly said...

Hi, Laura! Thanks so much for featuring my cards today. What a surprise!!! I'll take 80 degrees!!! But the temps rise a little slower here in the northeast. However, the chipmunks were out yesterday, checking things out, so spring isn't too much farther behind!! We still have over a foot of snow, but bare ground is visible here and there. Have a great day! -karen

KaHolly said...

Oh, the finished post is even better! Triple thank you, Laura. Note: the address for the aweshop is incomplete for the etsy store! It's!!!! I love all the items you featured today. Did you always have your photo on your profile? And I am just now noticing? You are beautiful!


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