Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Weather ...

If you live in Richmond, Virginia, you may have forgotten what snow looks and feels like. If you have a child 3 years old or younger, he/she doesn't even know what snow is...

What really gets the kids disturbed is when it snows in Virginia Beach, Raliegh, Charlotte, and even Atlanta, Ga and not here.... I remember as a child being so excited to wake up and the ground was covered in this beautiful white blanket of snow.... and we would be Out of School!!! These poor kids today don't know that joy~~ I promise, there is a point to this... It is supposed to start snowing here tonight! Well, stay tuned for the update... My children, ages 7, 10, and 11 are all going to wear their pajamas inside out tonight (it is supposed to make it snow, you know?)

original watercolor


KaHolly said...

Well, good luck to you and your forecast! I'd gladly send you some snow if I could! We have plenty of it! Glanced out the window this morning to see 6 big, beautiful wild turkeys wandering the yard, nibbling as they went along. I'm heading outdoors soon to find their tracks.....they can be up to 6"!

Anonymous said...

Having moved from Virginia to California I can't say I miss the snow at all. I love the mild weather all year round. Maybe it's age related. Nice painting.


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