Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Large Size Prints

"Summer Living", Large 14 by 20 Size Print

Believe, Large 14 by 20 Size Print


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Beautiful summer color! Makes me think of my trip to Kauai many years ago!

mandi said...

great pictures as usual :) if you dont mind my asking what do you use to create the grid-like texture on these images. i love how it adds just a little extra something to your watercolor

California Girl said...

Hi Laura: a feast! These colors are very Lily Pulitzer.

Rachel said...

hi Laura,thank you for visiting my blog... your watercolors sure are lovely! im adding you to my blog list... will be back=)

iva yaneva said...

these are lovely! Did you use a mesh to get this effect? I once had to do a painting for uni and it wasn't bad, but I got a piece of mesh, applied some watercolor on it and then pressed it against the painting. the effect was really great it gave it a more finished look :)


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