Monday, June 15, 2009


"Radiance", Original Watercolor, 9" by 9"
The "Radiance" photo of Kenna's is so beautiful!
I enjoyed looking at it all weekend, while I was attempting to "do it justice".
A big Thank you to all who participated in voting for which photo to select.
They are all fabulous!!
I am still going to paint "Retired in Paradise", so stay tuned for that one!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Beautiful work Laura! Fantastic photo by Kenna too!

California Girl said...

I like the new painting of the nasturtium (SP?) do I have it correct?

I love the posted photo on "A Beach Lover's Place" of the "Blue Chesapeake Bay Crab". Great example of how your work becomes a focal point.

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

BEAUTIFULLY done, Laura!!! I am so impressed by your rendering of this-- I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for making my work a part of this fantastic project.

RHCarpenter said...

You really did a good job on this one :) and it was worth waiting a few extra days for! Now waiting for the second one - it's always fun to get 2 for 1!

lolly-jolly said...

i like the painting even more than original:)), because of the colors, they look more vivid :)

Laura Trevey said...

oh my goodness!! The painting just sold on Etsy!



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